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Matchup/Game Thread vs. Rangers 7:05 CST

Battle for the Boot
Robinson Tejeda Matt Albers
3 - 3, 4.87 1 - 2, 5.47

Ahh, the dreaded interleague play. The time of the year where the National League gets their tails handed to them regularly... I hate it. I wouldn't mind interleague play if there was no such thing as a DH, or if both leagues had the DH, but since there is a DH, and one set of teams builds their teams around it, I don't like it. I think the National League is at a disadvantage when playing in American League ball parks for this reason and I think its part of the cause for the National League doing so poorly during interleague play. Anyways...

This series with the Rangers is all about winning this coveted trophy.

The Astros and Rangers are tied with 3 wins each in the series, so this season serves as a tie breaker. This series means everything!!!!!!!!!!! Okay... actually I would be surprised if this series meant anything more than another series to the Astros. It's just another series and other than wanting to win the series because it's a series, I don't see any real excitement generated over the boot.