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Matchup/Game Thread vs. Giants 8:05 CDT

Tim Lincecum Roy Oswalt
1 - 0, 5.56 6 - 2, 3.14

OK, you probably don't wanna hear this, but Roy Oswalt has never gotten Barry Bonds out.

Bonds vs. Oswalt
4 4 2 1 1 4 4 1.000 1.000 2.75 3.75

Small sample size, OK, but jumpin' Jehosaphat, a 3.75 OPS! They don't get much higher than that.

4 for 4 with four walks, and he's hit for the cycle. . . .

It sort of makes sense that Bonds would have some success against Oswalt. Oswalt pounds the zone, and Bonds never leaves it. Both are cocky and confident, sure of their ability to beat the other.

But the lesson here might be that maybe sometimes it's best to swallow your pride.

Like this game, the opener of the 2004 season. I'll set the stage by saying that the Astros are up 4 - 1 and Oswalt is sent out to start the eighth. From there, I'll let Retorsheet tell the sad tale:

GIANTS 8TH: Durham singled to center; Snow was called out on strikes; Tucker singled to right [Durham to second]; Bonds homered [Durham scored, Tucker scored]; LIDGE REPLACED OSWALT

Italics mine. Octavio Dotel lost the game on a sac fly in the ninth, and that was that.

So I might almost predict a homer for Bonds tonight, except that Bonds has looked old, very old, in this series, and for the most part, this month.

Bonds is 1 for 5 with a single and 3 walks in the series so far, and he's 7 for 34 with a double and 3 homers in May, good for a .206 BA and a .500 slugging.

So maybe Roy mows 'im down. Maybe tonight is the equalizer for Royboy when facing Bonds. but when push comes to shove, I might not object to an intentional walk, and let's see what Durahm can do off Oswalt.

*     *   *
Jason Jennings is pitching for Corpus tonight, and I'd like to check in at various times, see how things are going. . . .