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Game Hero, 20 - 19

Hunter Pence
  • 4 for 4, homer, stolen base
  • .709 SLG,.346 AVG in May
  • 7 consecutive hits over two games

The last player before Pence to have seven straight hits was Vinny Castilla, who hit two doubles, a homer and four singles on May 31 and June 1, 2001.

The club record is eight straight hits, achieved by Art Howe during a doubleheader on September 1, 1980.

I think Hunter's got a shot at breaking it.

It's a little early to give Pence the Rookie of the Year, but there is little doubt that he has been better than expected. I still think that the circumstances surrounding his callup were unduly strained and poorly conceived, but if Pence keeps this up, even Chris Burke will understand why he's in Round Rock.

The Astros are now 10 - 5 with Pence hitting number six, and while Carlos Lee--merely the hottest player in the NL this May--has something to do with that, as does a somewhat resurgent Lance Berkman, you'd be a fool to discount the effect that Pence has had on this club.

After a shaky start with the bat, Pence made a quick adjustment, and now it's the National League pitchers who must make an adjustment.

And they will, you can bet on it. So Hunter won't finish with a slugging percentage over .700 (or at least I don't think he will).

But he's already shown the most important thing, which is that he can adjust on the fly, a talent which will serve him well as he progresses deeper into his major league career.