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Matchup at Reds 11:35 CDT

Matt Albers Aaron Harang
1 - 1, 3.32 4 - 1, 4.78

I guess the Reds pay Harang to win games, so they may not be complaining too much so far, but what's up with that ERA from last year's strikeout champ?

Harang's third in the league in strikeouts, so that part of his game has not deserted him, but the WHIP also seems kind of high at 1.35.

So what we have this morning is the curious case where one team's number six guy has a better ERA and a better WHIP than the other team's supposed ace.

The Wandy Rodriguez of past years ain't got nuthin' on Harang this season, as Aaron's run support is second in the NL at a positively sick 8.10.

Harang Power™ indeed.

Will undoubtedly lack the time to do PBP this afternoon; I'll be lucky to catch the score a few times.

But by all means, go Astros.