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Matchup/Game Thread? at Cubs 1:20 CDT

Woody Williams Ted Lilly
0 - 1, 5.79 1 - 0, 1.29

So how do you pick up after yesterday? Sunday's game felt to me as a fan like hope and optimism squashed. After the performance Saturday by Roy, I believe we all entered Sunday feeling good about the team, 1 - 4 record or no.

But whatever good feelings may have existed at 1:00 were banished entirely by 5:00. A decent effort from our starter, yes, but everything else that could look ragged, did. Impatient hitters, stupid baserunning, a poorly-timed error in the infield, and of course, execrable relief pitching made the last game of the opening homestand difficult to watch, and difficult to evaluate in retrospect.

Contrary to what you might expect, as a blogger, it is very much easier to put these posts together when the team is doing well. A team on a roll accumulates accomplishments, which are then then easy signposts for shooting when putting together a pregame such as this one.

When the team is going poorly, however, the interesting or noteworthy numbers are either not there, or are all negative. As a writer I either have nothing at all to write, or I sound like an embittered asshole, two unpleasant alternatives.

I am torn as to what a player's thoughts might be this afternoon when reflecting upon yesterday's debacle. On the one hand, each player who participated knows the role he played, and there's no way that can get spun. The players are paid to perform, that's what they have chosen to do with their lives, so when they fail at their life's calling, it's gotta sting a little bit.

On the other hand, their professional survival depends on being able to treat each day separately with a maximum of positivity. Even in the light of recent failure, they have to set themselves up mentally for success. Especially in light of yesterday's loss--which might even be called humiliating--I have no idea how they could do it.

If it's difficult for me as a blogger to get over it, what must it be like for them?