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Post Mortem/WPA

Certainly the game did not begin like the train wreck it would become. The chart below says we had a reasonable chance to win the game sa late as the fifth or sixth inning, but in retrospect of course, it was all over when Pujols hit his jack.

Win Expectancy Chart

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Top Five Astros
Miller   0.007
Burke    0.000
Borkowski   0.000
Lamb   -0.005
Lidge   -0.005
Bottom Four Astros
Biggio -0.057
Berkman -0.057
Lee -0.061
Ausmus -0.141
Top Three Cardinals
Pujols   0.176
Edmonds   0.089
Wells   0.088

Gotta love Trever Miller for adding the most to our chances of winning by getting the one guy he was asked to face. Worth all of seven-one thousandths of a victory.

Congratulations, Mr. Miller, you are at the top of the Delta pledge class.


Kudos to Jason, who made one mistake, and is quickly learning that one mistake is one too many when you wear a Houston uniform.

Mark Loretta: you are being payed to hit the baseball. If you make errors that Adam would not have made (or that dare I say it, Bruntlett would not have), it is OK. No-one is asking you to match the best defensive shortstop in the National League play for play.

But you must hit, you must make a difference with the bat. Seeing eye single aside, your debut has not been auspicious in that regard.