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A Reckoning

Most irrelevant stat of this young season is that the Astros have hit as many home runs as the Mets.

However, a more accurate reflection of the current state of competition offered up by the Astros can be seen among the following:

Nine Offensive Categories

In which the Astros place in the bottom 25% of the National League

14. Houston 10
15. San Francisco 9
16. St. Louis 6
13. Houston .273
14. Pittsburgh .270
15. St. Louis .269
16. LA Dodgers .268
14. Houston .611
15. San Francisco .580
16. St. Louis .575
14. St. Louis 9
15T. Houston 8
15T. San Francisco 8
14. Houston .105
15. Arizona .105
16. San Francisco .083
14. Houston .338
15. St. Louis .311
16. LA Dodgers .307
13. Houston 31
14. Cincinnati 29
15. LA Dodgers 25
16. St. Louis 24
14. Houston 5
15. Atlanta 4
16. Cincinnati 3
13. Houston 43
14. St. Louis 38
15. LA Dodgers 31
16. San Francisco 30

Offensive indeed.

To show how a positive can become a negative in the context of these abysmal numbers, look no further than Adam Everett. Adam's started the season very nicely, and is hitting .308, and OPSing .819, which is over 150 points higher than his career OPS.

Great, right? Except . . . that Adam is second on the team among regulars in both those categories.

No offense to Everett, who is having the successful start that we had all hoped for, but when AE is pacing your club offensively, you know that you are truly and well in the shitter.

My favorite nugget?  Perhaps this: that tow the three teams pathetic enough offensively to actually place below Houston in OBP are nonetheless collectively undefeated against us.

littlevisigoth had quoted Berkman the other day as saying that the thing he (Puma) hated about the start of the season was that everything is so needlessly magnified. And I understand what they (Berkman and littlevisigoth both) meant by that.

I have little doubt that Berkman and Lee will put up big years, simply because first and foremost, both simply know how to hit.

But at the same time, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't point out just exactly how bad this start has been.

Hopefully that poor start becomes a thing of the past this afternoon.