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Where's the Beef?

With the signing of Lee before the season started, I never would have thought scoring runs would be this hard for a much better offensive team than we had last year.  Well, tough luck I guess.  Lee sitting on his whopping .200 average and The Big Puma sitting at .154(raising his average from .111 before tonight).  The Astros have scored a total of 10 runs over the first four games this season... I figured after the first four games, that Lance and Lee would probably have 10 RBI's together.  Boy was I wrong.  

Tonight's game was dreadful to watch... I started out the night really not looking forward to Wandy pitching, but I have to watch the game... so the tube goes on and here come the 'Stros. Wandy was alright tonight.  He started out like gang-busters striking out 4 batters in the first 2 innings, but then all went to hell in the 3rd when Wainwright let Wandy know who his daddy was, blasting a double over Chris Burkes head.  Three runs later, the game was basically over.

It's easy to second guess Garners move to bust out the squeeze play with runners on 1st and 3rd with no outs.  It's so easy to do, I'll do it.  No outs?? Come on.. You're down by 2 runs!  We're not playing for 1 run here... we're looking for a big inning, and you don't get big innings by using the squeeze play.  What do they say... when you try for one run, that's usually all you get.  Well Wainwright started his bid for the gold glove by squashing the squeeze play(even though I think Burke was safe) on a nice running, bare handed toss to Yadi at home.  

Not much else to say.  White was good again tonight going just over an inning and like normal, giving up no runs(has he given up a run this year[including spring training]?) and striking out one.

The Astros get a chance to earn their first victory of the season tomorrow against the Cards at 7:05 pm.  Roy-O takes on Reyes.  Joy.