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Enjoy Your Offday

I had the weirdest dream last night.  

I'm watching the news on TV, and a wrecker is pulling an old white Chevy Cavalier out of a canal.
And it's got a big logo painted on the hood, it looks sort of like the Ween logo, except instead of Ween, it says "Lutz."

And I know the way you know in dreams that it's Lance Berkman's car, 'cause (in the dream) Lutz is Lance Berkman's dog.

So later on, a friend and I are in a (newer) car while Lance is driving to work at Minute Maid Park. We're just hanging out.  I say about what a horrible accident it was and Lance is lucky he's OK, and he says yeah, and then my friend (in the front seat while I'm in the back) starts chuckling, and Lance and I wonder why.

My friend says, "you know, Lutz, it's a silly name, and you painted it on the hood of your car." And then he cracks up some more.

All of a sudden, Lance gets real pissed, and he grabs my friend by the shirt while still half-ass driving, and says through clenched teeth, "Lutz is the best dog I've ever had!  Don't you make fun of Lutz!"

Then the dream cuts to this comic book, like.  Lance is like three years old, wearing lurid kid's shorts, with blue hair and the text balloon says, " . . .at the age of the three, the Lutz' family name was changed to Berkman . . ."