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Astros VS Brewers - I made it through 3 innings

Well my trip to MMP today didn't go as planned.. Everything was going pretty smoothly until my 19 month old (who hadn't gotten to take his nap today) got really grumpy, started crying and all of that and basically forced us to leave.  I should have known better(well.. I did, but took a chance anyways) and gotten a sitter for him.. but I didn't.  Oh well, what can ya do.  Anyways, I got some pictures during the 3 innings I was there(about 60 or so) and I've uploaded them for your viewing pleasure.  I will warn you that my tickets weren't that great(section 433... that's what happens when you try to get 5 tickets about 2 weeks before the game) and my digital camera, while being a pretty damn good camera, was maxed out on some of the shots I took, so some of the pictures are a little grainy.  Anyways, here's my 3 innings worth of pictures. FYI, at the end when I knew I was having to leave, I just started popping off shots, so there's quite a few of Biggio at bat.  Link

I left at the end of the 3rd and made it home during the 5th inning, so I did get to watch the rest of the game from home, but it wasn't much to be happy about, so I'll just leave you with the pics, and not my negative commentary on the game.