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'Stros Lose 7 Straight, Flirt With Last Place

After coming home from a dreadfully long road trip, things looked good after the first inning... unfortunately, it was all down hill from there. Roy was good tonight pitching 6 scoreless innings. Unfortunately, he went 7 innings and gave up 3 runs in the 7th to earn his 2nd loss of the season. 7 innings, 3 runs is a really good outing, but not when you have the Astros offense behind you. Over the past 7 games the Astros have averaged just over 2.5 runs a game. Want one word to describe our offense? Pathetic is the best word I can think of.

Want to know something that amazes me? There are actually 8 teams in MLB with a worse batting average, 9 teams with less runs scored, and 4 teams with a lower batting average with runners on than the Astros. Wow those teams must really suck!

I have tickets to the game on Sunday and although this will be my first game of the season to attend, I'm not exactly excited to go. I like going to the games, but I also like winning. It sucks driving home and fighting traffic and all of that jazz around MMP after a loss... Hopefully the Astros can turn this ship around before then...

Astros face the 1st place Brewers again tomorrow at 6:05 pm as Chris Sampson takes the hill against Dave Bush. Sampson coming off his worst career big league outing against Bush who went 8 innings in his last outing and only gave up 3 runs... Wait... his last outing was against us.. go figure.