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Astros go 16, Streak to 5

That's streaking to 5 losses if in case you weren't paying attention.  In this 5 game losing streak, the Astros are averaging 2.8 runs a game...  that's not very good, especially when you know that they are giving up an average of 5.6 runs a game.  The only Astros pitcher during this streak to keep a team under 4 runs in a game was Woody Williams(seriously).  

Last nights game was tough to take.  After coming back in the 9th to tie the game, the Astros were held scoreless for 7 more innings against the Pirates bullpen.  The Astros bullpen was great last night as well.  The pen (Lidge, Qualls, Wheeler, Borkowski, Miller and Moehler) went 9 innings and gave up 1 run.  Of course that one run they gave up was the game winning run for the Pirates, but it was still a good effort by the bull pen.  It sucks to lose, but it's nice to see the pen do so well.  

Albers also did well tonight.  6 IP with 4 hits, 3 runs and 2 K's.  Not bad for a guy who didn't make the team out of spring training.  If the Astros could put up anything resembling a decent offense, he could have easily gotten a win.  

The Story of the night?  LOB!  The Astros left 18 runners on base tonight.  That's pathetic!  The Astros actually put up 16 hits on the night, they just couldn't do shit once they got runners on.  Ensberg(who went 0 for 7) on the night left 10 runners on base alone.  I wasn't really sure it was possible to suck that much in one night.  Ensberg, who has been one of our best hitters on the season lowered his average from .288 to .258, one game after losing his 10 game hitting streak by pinch hitting and going 0-1.

I know it's still early in the season, but it's really weird seeing the Astros top 4 hitters(by average) being Palmeiro, Loretta, Lamb and Ausmus and having Lance Berkman at the 2nd worse.  I do think Berkman is coming around though(2 for 7 last night) and I'm sure he'll be up around the top by the time the season ends... but it's still weird.  Jason Lane now has 8 hits on the season; 4 of them home runs.  

Next Game : Astros send Wandy Rodriguez and his 0-2 record, 4.74 ERA to the rubber against Tony Armas and his 0-2 record, 18.90 ERA!  Hopefully the Astros can break out of this scoring drought and raise Mr. Armas' ERA.  A win would be nice, too.