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Matchup, at Pirates 11:35 CDT

Wandy Rodriguez Tony Armas, Jr.
0 - 2, 4.74 0 - 2, 18.90

If Wandy is 0 - 2 with a 4.74, then Tony Armas should be, like, 0 - 10, no?

Hopefully Wandy can gain his first win of the year, or at least notch another quality start, but best news I do believe is that after this game, this horrid road trip is over.

As of noon eastern, Rick White's name was still on the website's active roster; I would imagine that JD and Brownie will be making some kind of announcement about who we're bringing up (Phil Barzilla? Jared Gothreaux? Fernando Nieve? Almost assuredly not Juan Gutierrez) during the game.

Those of you lucky enough to be watching are invited to post the news onsite.