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Matchup/Game Thread at Brewers 1:05 CDT

Roy Oswalt Dave Bush
3 - 0, 2.89 1 - 1, 5.82

Roy Oswalt looks to become the National League's first four-game winner today, and the Astros try to take a third consecutive series.

Came across Dave Bush's name the other day when I saw that Keith Olbermann had picked him as his dark horse Cy Young candidate.

Funny, here I'd thought Bush was just another right handed control freak who gives up too many hits and doesn't control his home runs well enough.

Seeing that Carlo$ Beltran has tied our Carlos, the good Carlos, for the NL lead in RBIs. And that while Jimmy Rollins is stuck on six homers (not such a surprise), the evil wrongness that is Barry Bonds has tied El Kabong for second in homers with five.

That's the thing about this world: evil is everywhere you look.

Here's hoping the good guys win today.