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Matchup/Game Thread at Brewers 7:05 CDT

Matt Albers Ben Sheets
0 - 0, 0.00 1 - 2, 5.85

Says here that the late and sudden method to our victories over the last two nights represented the first time in over a year that the team scored five runs in an inning in back-to-back games. Evidently the team did it 4/16/06 at Arizona and then 4/17/06 vs. Milwaukee at home.

Contrary to some rumors floating around, the Astros have from time to time put the smackdown on Mr. Sheets. Like, check out May 2, 2006, not all that long ago, and in Milwaukee, as well. 7 runs in 2-1/3. . . his worst start ever, if I recall correctly.

Overall Sheets is a respectable 9 - 8 with a 3.88 against Houston, but he's certainly beatable, and I'd say that's especially true tonight considering the current state of his seasonal ERA.

Two of three from Milwaukee, in their house. Get it done and we pace the division.

Go Astros.