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Some Features Here at TCB

We were fortunate enough to gain more than a few new readers over the offseason, and now that the new season has started, I thought that I might make a slight introduction of some features that will be updated daily as the season progresses.

First is the Doodads table there below the diary list.  You've probably seen it before, it's things like number of shutouts, games with ten hits, high water mark, that sort of thing, again all updated daily.

There's also the the Winsplits, which are wins and losses broken down by number of runs scored and allowed, again updated after each game.  You can find a link to the Winsplits sheet under the Resources tab even farther down the page in the right sidebar.

There's also the Season cumulative winning and Pythagorean percentage charts.  A link to this is located under the standings tab on the right sidebar.  Right now, the link directs towards last year's charts, but I will be posting a new chart after four or five games.

And lastly, once we win a game, we will inaugurate 2007's Game Hero Awards, and a running toteboard will be kept as the most recent diary.

I do hope you find these useful as the season goes on.