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Random Thoughts

Well the Astros started the season off on a low note... is it too early to be calling for Lidge's head?  Any other pitcher and I would be like "man that sucks... oh well; it's just a bad day."  But for Lidge, he's basically just left off exactly where he ended last season.  Get the first two batters out like a cake walk and whamo... blown save.  I can't really say I'm calling for his head after the first game... but damn it's tempting.  

I feel really bad for Roy... I mean come on, 7.2 innings of 5 hit, 1 run ball and you get a big nothing for it.  I will give Roy credit...  he was A+ in the interview after the game.  He answered every question as best as can possibly be expected, even though you know he wanted to just scream.  Oh well, I guess 60+ million in the bank kind of eases your pains...  

I didn't really want to do my typical here's what so and so did, blah blah like I will probably normally do after most games... I did want to just throw out some thoughts I had during the game.  Here they go!

Thank you Morgan for shaving... now I'm just waiting for them to update the image for when he's coming up to bat.  The whole rugged look just doesn't cut it for you.

Luke... why the red bat?  I thought bats were supposed to be brown or black(I actually thought it was against the rules to have another colored bat... except of course the pink bats... but that's a different story).  Oh well, nice hit with that red bat... maybe that red-hue is really red kryptonite.  You know what it does to superman!  Oh, and way to stretch that stand up single into a WTFWASTHATOUTAT2ND.  I think you were the only one that thought you were going to make it.  Jose has the easiest job in the game, just point at the base... that means stay here... oh and when you do something stupid like that... don't grin like a monkey afterwards... kthxbye.  

The post game announcer... who the hell was that red kneck guy in the post game show?  Please tell me I'm not going to have to listen to him for the rest of the season.  I'm really not into him at all.  It was nice to see JD and Brownie calling the game though... oh how I missed them.  

Carlos... 0 for 4 with 3 left on and hit into two double plays... okay the stats actually look worse on paper.  You got robbed by a hell of a play at 2nd for your 2nd double play and you were || too far under the ball and you would have been 1 for 4 with a dinger.  I'm not holding anything against you.  

69 more hits until 3000.  As expected, the Astros have a hit counter up marking how many hits Biggio has.  I thought it would have been a little cooler to have a countdown until 3k, but I guess what they have will do.  So... will Biggio break the record for HBP first or get 3000 hits first?  I'm not really sure he'll get the HBP record(all time that is, he already has the modern record).  Bidge sits at 282, only 5 behind Hughie Jennings who sits at 287.  

Am I the only person that after the home run against Lidge just shook my head and said "here we go again?"  

Next up, the undefeated Pirates, Jason Jennings VS Ian Snell at 7:05 pm tomorrow.