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Matchup/Game Thread at Cincinnati 6:05 CDT

Woody Williams Bronson Arroyo
0 - 2, 5.63 0 - 2, 3.48

It's not that I don't like Woody. I root for him to do well, and when he has one of those blowup innings of his, I don't even get that sick twisted thrill I get sometimes when watching Lidge.

I like Woody, it's just I don't trust him very much. The best way to put it might be that I feel about Woody the way most of you feel about Wandy: when in doubt, I figure he's going to give up the runs.

He pitched pretty well against Chicago, but he's been charged runs in 8 of the 17 innings he's started.

You see the ERA. The WHIP is 1.75 and the age is 40.

I like Woody, but these are numbers that don't give me confidence.

Arroyo is a very solid number two for the Reds, high strikeouts, not too many walks, and an absolute horse. Arroyo is just as likely to pitch eight as he is to give up a homer, and I truthfully don't give Woody a very good chance of outpitching him tonight, even though I know Arroyo had a 6-flat ERA against Houston last year.

I fear there are going to be a lot of evenings like this one this season: when I just don't think our number three starter will be the better one.