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Matchup/Game Thread at Cincinnati 6:05 CDT WIN

The Return of The Salamander
Chris Sampson Aaron Harang
1 - 0, 0.00 2 - 0, 5.40

What does it say about things when I admit that I'm happy it's our number five guy facing the Reds' ace tonight, and not our number three?

Sampson admits he's not 100 percent healthy after the calf, but then again Woody Williams is not 100 percent young, either.

Harang is 6 - 5 lifetime against Houston with a 4.15 ERA and a 1.30 WHIP, but his emergence as a premier pitcher last year found special expression in his dominance of the Astros.

If you aren't aware, you might wanna sit down.

In 2006, Harang was 4 - 0 against Houston with a 2.76 ERA and a frighteningly low 0.92 WHIP.

In other, more pleasant, news, not only is Carlos Lee leading the NL in RBIs through 12 games, he looks pretty good when compared against the RBI greats in team history, as well.

I took a look at the players who put up the ten greatest seasons by RBI in team history, and only one of them had more RBI through twelve games than El Caballo does.

Top Ten RBI Seasons in Team History

How Were They Doing Through Twelve Games?

Year Player RBI Thru
12 Games
Ended up with
2007 Carlos Lee 16 ???
2006 Lance Berkman 17 136
1997 Jeff Bagwell  9 135
2000 Jeff Bagwell 12 132
2001 Jeff Bagwell  8 130
2002 Lance Berkman    12*  128
2001 Lance Berkman  8 126
1999 Jeff Bagwell  6 126
1998 Moises Alou 10 124
2000 Richard Hidalgo 10 122
1996 Jeff Bagwell  6 120
*Had 5 RBI in Game 13

Think ground balls, lots of ground balls.