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Game Hero, 6 - 6

Carlos Lee
  • 3 for 4, 4 RBI, 2 R
  • Tallest homer you'll see for a while
  • Frozen rope double that hit the Boxes wall on a line
  • Leads the NL in RBI, second in homers
  • Hitting .340 and slugging .702

What a beautiful game all the way around. The Oswalt Experiment goes off without a hitch, and Roy becomes only the third NL hurler to record 3 victories.

Whenever the Astros find themselves behind the eightball in August, Garner always goes on and on about how you can't talk about any serious goals until you get back to .500.

OK, then.

Also nice tonight is that the team collected double-digit hits for the first time this year. Clutch baseknocks from Adam and Brad will help you get that accomplished.

The bullpen was nearly perfect--except for Lidge. But even with his less-than-perfect performance you have to admit that the spot given him tonight was ideal: plenty of room in which to battle his bugbears. If the leadoff five-pitch walk amd the hit to follow were typical, at least he managed to strand the guys.

As we move forward, actual progress from Lidge will be less important than the appearance of it. As long as the many long-range scouts assigned to cover Mr. Lidge believe that they see improvement, regardless of its actual occurrence, the more his value will rise.

Look at that. We started 1 - 5, but on April 17, find ourselves a game out of first--and it is to the first place team's stadium we travel tomorrow.

How convenient.