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Matchup vs. Marlins 7:05 CDT WIN

Sergio Mitre Roy Oswalt
0 - 2, 4.09 2 - 0, 3.32

Numbers floating around today indicate that Oswalt is 3 - 2 with a 4.12 ERA in six career regular season starts on short rest. I'm pretty sure that some of those came after relief appearances, though.

The only time I've been able to find where Roy started three days or less after a regular season start was July 11, 2004 vs. Los Angeles at Chavez Ravine. Oswalt ended up going six, giving up three runs on 8 hits while walking an uncharacteristic 3.

Roy also looks to tie his career-high win streak of 9 with a win tonight.

And of course to take game number one in his second batch of a hundred.

Much like Sanchez last night, Mitre had great game against Houston last year. Maybe you remember it; Mitre was the recipient of all the runs scored against Andy Pettitte in the second game of 2006 last year.

That and a game started against the Astros while Mitre was with the Cubs in '05 leave him at 1 - 0 with a 1.38 against us.

Well, third time's the charm is what I say.

How about the team gets Roy some good early support, so he can work an easy and relaxed six for the victory?