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Game Hero, 5 - 6

Mark Loretta
  • 2 for 4, 2 RBI, 1 R
  • 1 BB
  • First Run and RBI's of the season
  • Scored winning run
  • Played some decent short, too.

Biggest play of the game--even bigger than Ramirez' misguided dash home--was when Loretta came up with a two-RBI single to break a team 0 for 9 with runners in scoring position.

His first RBI's of the season put us ahead, and his first run scored of the season won the ballgame. Later on, we could look back and say that this was the game when Loretta became integrated into the Houston Astro gameplan.

Certainly Gar could find himself tempted to insert Loretta into the ballgame when he recalls the patient AB he had before his RBI single, or the AB he had to lead off the ninth.

Both sequences seemed solid and professional. He keeps his head in there, you can tell.

And I think that predictions of disaster when he steps in at short for Everett might prove to be just a little premature.