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Jennings out 2-3 starts

Word is that Jennings' elbow problems go back to last season when he was with the Rockies.  It seems to be a sort of nagging constant thing for him that isn't typically bad enough to make him miss a start, until now of course.  

Maybe I'm being overdramatic about this, but it scares the hell out of me.  If it was something that just started I would be like okay, that's fine... give him some rest and he should be okay in a week or two.  But he had the entire off season to rest his elbow, and now he's still having the same problem with his elbow... and it's bad enough to where he's getting cortisone shots in it to keep it manageable.  I just don't see this going away.  

With Jennings out, it looks like someone will get called up to start on Friday.  Word is that that person will be Matt Albers, but it could also be Fernando Nieve.  I doubt anyone else will get a call up besides those two.  You could speculate that Borkowski could come in and make a spot start, but if Jennings is going to miss 2-3 starts, I don't really see a reason why they wouldn't just call someone up to take all of the starts needed instead of taking someone from the bullpen(which is being used a lot lately).  

Roy O moves up in the rotation to pitch on 3 days rest tomorrow while Sampson will take the start on Wednesday and then Williams on Thursday.  Friday is technically announced as TBA.

What's going to happen to Lidge?  News sources are stating everything from Lidge being traded to Hunsicker and the D-Rays to Lidge becoming a starter.  Most of the starter talk was started by Clemens who said that he would move Lidge to be a starter.  The trade talk to the D-Rays is more than likely just more media bull that has no facts behind it.  I don't see moving Lidge to a starters role as being a viable source.  One of the main reasons Lidge is a reliever is because his body wasn't holding up for him to be a starter.  Lidge has good stuff, but I don't see any way he could keep throwing 97-98 more than a few innings a night... and besides, Lidge lately has a hard enough time getting 3 outs, much less 27.