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Matchup/Game Thread at Phillies 2:55CDT LOSS

Woody Williams Cole Hamels
0 - 1, 4.22 0 - 0, 1.38

Happy birthday Brad Ausmus, and thank you very much Wody Williams for being there when we needed you, since our regualrly-scheduled pitcher couldn't be here today.While we sincerely appreciate your stepping in, we all sincerely hope it doesn't become a regular thing.

If you know what I'm saying.

Have no idea what other people think of him, but ask any Astro fan, and they'd tell you Cole Hamels has a very bright future in the Phillies organization. Hamels stands at 1 - 0 vs. Houston with a 2.30 ERA. The first time he pitched against us, he nearly had us no-hit, until Charlton Jimerson of all people connected for his only major league hit, a monstrous home run to center at Citizen's Bank. I'm sure you remember it.

But this is an older, wiser, more mature Astros lineup this time.


We got Carlos Lee now, and he puts up three-homer games every ninth day.

So try as he might, I sincerely doubt Hamels will be flirting with any no-hitters today.


*   *    *

I'm sure we'll all be enjoying the Fox broadcast, so I'll guess that there's no need for any play-by-play this afternoon.