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Game Hero, 4 - 5

Carlos Lee
  • Duh.
  • 3 for 5, 6 RBI
  • 3 homers and all that goes with it: 3 runs, 12 total bases.

Carlos Lee raised his slugging percentage tonight from .414 to .706. Sure, that's indicative of how early in the year it is, but it also shows you just exactly what doubling your seasonal total bases in one night will do for your production numbers.

I also suspect that this game will convert any remaining nonbelievers among us Astro fans, at least for the forseeable future. Some of those skeptics had pointed to an uncharaceristically high strikeout ratio, or even to six singles among his first eight hits.

Gotta say, though, that the singles ratio bothered me not at all. They showed me Lee was disciplined enough, smart enough to take what has been given. He cuts down with two strikes and takes the ball back where it was pitched. He's not just a slugger, but a hitter. And sluggers come and go, but a hitter's got some staying power.

And I knew the power would show up, although maybe I didn't think it'd show up like this: In only his ninth game as an Astro, Lee joins some Astro greats on a very very select list.

Three Homers in a Game by an Astro
Date Opponent Player
June 15, 1967 vs. San Francisco Jimmy Wynn
June 21, 1973 at San Diego Lee May
September 10, 1987 at San Diego Glenn Davis
June 1, 1990 at San Francisco Glenn Davis
June 24, 1994 vs. Los Angeles Jeff Bagwell
April 21, 1999 at Chicago NL Jeff Bagwell
June 9, 1999 at Chicago AL Jeff Bagwell
July 28, 2001 at Pittsburgh Game One Vinny Castilla
April 16, 2002 at Cincinnati Lance Berkman
September 16, 2003 at Colorado Richard Hidalgo
May 15, 2005 vs. San Francisco Morgan Ensberg
April 13, 2007 at Philadelphia Carlos Lee

Lee becomes the Astros player to homer three times in a game earliest in the calendar year, and misses the club's game-record for RBI's and total bases by one each.

He will have a chance to become the first Astro to homer five times in two games tomorrow night.