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El Caballo, El Kapow

Three homeruns tonight by Lee, leads Roy to his 100th career win.  It was really nice for the team to pick Roy up and get him a win on a night when Roy didn't put up typical Roy numbers.  5 innings, 6 runs for Roy Oswalt is terrible.  I'd be surprised if Roy ever gave up that many runs and still got a win, but he did tonight, so who cares.  Thanks to Carlos Lee who had 3 bombs(1 grand slam) and 6 RBI's.  

What was up with Ninja Scott tonight?  The first time I seen him I had take a double take.. and then the throw from right field to nail Victorino in the 8th shocked me...  One of the things people say against Scott is that he has a minus arm... well he sure didn't show it tonight.  Maybe it was Hidalgo in disguise out there.  Anyways.... another thing I thought was odd was Ensberg's new shades... I haven't seen them before.  Anyone know what's up with them?  Are they special magic glasses?  Do they have a chronograph that shows the velocity of the ball?  I dunno, but he looked like Cyclops to me.  

Watching the news right now... anyone see Lou Piniella?  

I can't believe they called a balk on Oswalt... that was a terrible call.  A balk can only be called if it's an attempt to deceive the runner... it was obvious that Oswalt wasn't.. I don't know what the hell was wrong with the ump.  Garner was brilliant in getting himself thrown out tonight though.  It seems like every time that he gets kicked out of a game or is suspended for a game and Cecil comes in to coach.. we win.

Well it was a good win...  Hell any win is a good win, but tonight was gratifying to me since Oswalt pitched so bad(bad compared to his normal) and he got a win out of it.  That doesn't happen too often.  

Astros take the Phillies on again tomorrow at 2:55 pm as Woody Williams takes the hill against Cole Hamels.

Oh and in case you haven't heard(which I'm sure you have), Jennings has tendinitis in his right elbow which is causing him to miss his regularly scheduled start tomorrow.  Not sure when he'll pitch again but Garner says it's nothing real serious.  May not be serious, but it still worries me a little.