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vs. Blue Jays at Dunedin 12:05 CST WIN

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Señor English kicked some serious Nationals ass last time out, and today, we will see whether Wandy can duplicate his feat against a team that is actually expected to compete in 2007.  Juan Gutierrez, Paul Estrada, Rick White, and Scott Sauerbeck should follow Rodriguez to the hill.

Our old friend John Thomson takes the hill for the Blue Jays at Knology Park in beautiful Dunedin, Florida.

Back when I used to catch an Osceola Astros game or two, Dunedin was always my favorite park to visit, because back then, the Labatt's Brewery owned the Jays, and you could get a Labatt's beer, instead of just a Miller or a Budweiser, at the park then known as Dunedin Stadium.  

Just another reason why things really were better back in the days. . . .