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Nice Article on Bidge

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Andrea Adelson | Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted March 7, 2007

KISSIMMEE -- Craig Biggio looks the part, doesn't he? Looks like he was born to be a baseball player, born to become the current face of the Houston Astros franchise, to one day end up in the Hall of Fame.

What other way is there to explain what he has done? He has been loyal, consistent. He knows how to get the clutch hit, make sacrifices for the team without disagreement and always plays tough.

As Biggio enters his 20th season with the Astros, it wasn't ever certain, or obvious, that he would wind up here, on the brink of 3,000 hits. He nearly ended up in a much different place altogether.

Back in high school on Long Island, Biggio thought he was born to be a football player. He set the school record for single-season rushing yards, which stood for 22 years until a kid named Joe Montemurro broke it this year.

I just thought this was a pretty decent article on Craig. Not really anything new that I didn't already know . . . but still a good article nonetheless.

John Lopez (not my favorite writer all time, but there are worse) seems basically shocked that the Astros probably won't have Pence on the opening day roster. Ya he's batting .750 for the spring... all what, 5 games? I still think it's too early to be shooing Pence into the 3000 hit category... but I'm by no means saying that if he keeps up his torrid numbers, that he shouldn't be on the opening day roster.