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vs. Mets at OCS 12:05 CST LOSS

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I've been griping about Brian Moehler for years, and now's no time to stop.  Back in '03, I thought he might be useful at AAA New Orleans; this year, I think he'd be best at Bridgeport, or Newark, or some other bastion in the independent Atlantic League.

Still coasting off that one good half-season he had with the Marlins, Moehler makes his first Spring start for the Astros today, and it won't be like I'll be rooting against him, because I have no doubt that he will rise to his level of incompetence, and will be cut over the next several weeks anyway.  

So no prob, it's all good.  Go Astros, all that, all that.

Tom Glavine starts for the Mets, and Dave Borkowski, Paul Estrada--so good the other day vs. the Braves--, Scott Sauerbeck and Ezequiel Astacio will follow for Houston.  

Meanwhile, Woody Williams and Dan Wheeler will pitch in a minor league game, leaving the valued opportunity to face whatever major league veteran hitters New York decides to bring along to those who are more in need of evaluation.