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Small Sample Special

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So, because we're all reasonable people here, we all know the pitfalls inherent in the small sample size, like, oh for example, Spring Training statistics. Yet, because we've all read Behind the Scenes Baseball, we also know that the one exception to the small sample bugbear could be that player who has the kickass Spring.

And no, I don't know what to believe, either. But with the preceding paradox in mind, and because I am always desparately looking for something, anything that isn't being covered to death elsewhere, I thought it might be fun to compare the cumulative statistics of our projected regulars with other members of the 40-man, and with non-roster invitees.

I mean, sure would fun if the NRI hitters outperformed Lance and Morgan and the rest. Right?

OK, it probably wouldn't. And it most likely won't happen, either. But working with the numbers relaxes me when I'm stressed, and I've learned that in general, more posts are better than less.

So why not break it down this way?

Pitchers' at-bats excluded
All .392 .450 .297 .843
ML Regulars .403 .554 .339 .957
Other 40-Men .364 .192 .192 .556
NRIs .412 .464 .321 .876
Class ERA WHIP K/9 HR/9
All 9.35 1.88 7.96 1.73
ML Regulars 8.18 2.00 9.82 2.45
Other 40-Men 9.95 1.89 8.53 0.00
NRIs 10.80 2.10 2.70 2.70

Because they're my numbers, I arbitrarily define "Major League regulars" as those who 1) aren't an NRI and 2) either played 100 games in the field, or pitched 50 innings in 2007, whether for the Astros or for any other major league team. That worked out, as far as the hitters go, to be Lance Berkman, Adam Everett, Craig Biggio, Brad Ausmus, Morgan Ensberg, Mike Lamb, Chris Burke, Jason Lane, Orlando Palmeiro, and Mark Loretta.

For the pitchers, "the regulars" from 2006 were Roy Oswalt, Wandy Rodriguez, Fernando Nieve, Chad Qualls, Brad Lidge, Dan Wheeler, Dave Borkowski, Trever Miller, Jason Jennings, and Woody Williams.

I'll try to keep these numbers updated, again just for kicks. Maybe not every game, but every third or so, and I will not pretend that they have any significance beyond the elegant symmetry of the numbers themselves.

Your standard sortable ST stats are here, of course. Love them OPSes in the 2.00's, always, and the 67.50 ERAs are always good for a laugh or two.