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Astros Vs 1/2 Nationals at OCS 12:05 CST WIN

The Astros face a split squad Nationals team today at 12:05 CST in Kissimmee. The Astros will send Wandy (ugh) to the hill followed by Matt Albers, Chris Sampson, Brad Lidge, Trever Miller and Dan Wheeler. One of these pitchers should not make the club this year... can you guess which one I'm referring to? Here's hoping Wandy gets completely shelled today giving Garner no reason to even think about having him in the rotation this year. The Nationals are sending a split squad today which means it should be a watered down version of a spring training team... The Astros shoud win today. We're sending some pretty good pitchers to the hill today (not including the broken magic wandy).

Looks like Lane is really trying to make the team this year... hopefully his hot start doesn't die off and he continues to produce. I like Lane a lot and really pull for him to do well...