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Matchup vs. Royals 1:05 CDT WIN

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Brandon Duckworth Wandy Rodriguez
1 - 0, 4.76 0 - 0, 5.40

The last exhibition game features a pair of stoppable forces in Brandon Duckworth and Wandy Rodriguez.

But while both have a very good chance of losing today, you gotta give Duckworth "the edge" today as he has already lost one of these exhibition games in the preseason series against the Royals, whereas Wandy is still looking to do that for the first time.

Still don't believe that Wandy can lose the four slot, although Garner has been pretty adamant about stressing that the four hole is still to be decided ever since tThe Chronicle published that story claiming Wandy had wrapped it up.

The last moves should be made shortly after the game, ending the suspense for Bruntlett, Borkowski, etc.

Next time I write something like this, it'll be Opening Day, how about that?


DeJesus, CF
Grudzielanek, 2B
Teahen, RF
Sweeney, DH
Gordon, A, 3B
Brown, LF
Shealy, 1B
Buck, C
Pena, T, SS


Biggio, DH
Loretta, 2B
Berkman, 1B
Lee, LF
Ensberg, 3B
Scott, RF
Burke, CF
Everett, SS
Ausmus, C