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Vs. Braves at Disney, 12:05 CST WIN

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Jason Jennings gets his first ever start of any kind for the Astros and Tim Hudson starts for the Braves.

Seeing the Braves miss the playoffs last year, and watching their ultra-painful exit at our own hands, no less, from the playoffs in 2005 has somehow not made me hate the Braves any less. In fact, I suspect that I will hate them most of all teams until the day I leave this mortal coil.

So poll results notwithstanding, I'd very much like to see us beat Hudson and the rest of 'em today, third Spring Training game or no.

Paul Estrada, Dave Borkowski and (ack!) Ezequiel Astacio will follow Jennings.

If I can somehow manage to get the GameDay audio, I will chime in with rudimentary PBP.

If not, Go 'Stros!