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Split Squad vs. The Express at Round Rock 8:05 CDT WIN

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Biggio, 2B
Ensberg, 3B
Berkman, 1B
Lee, LF
Scott, RF
Burke, CF
Everett, SS
Ausmus C
Jennings, P

Josh Anderson, LF
Danny Klassen, DH
Hunter Pence, CF
Brooks Conrad, 2B
Todd Self, RF
Cody Ransom, 3B
Marc Saccomanno, 1B
Danny Ardoin, C
Jesse Garcia, SS

I find the lineups interesting for a variety of reasons.  Of course Ensberg in the two hole is something we've seen before, and I will continue to like it, until Scott (or Lane) show us that they are unable to hold down # 5.

Ever see a game where one team had the DH, and the other team didn't?

Josh Anderson in left for RRX is also interesting, simply because he's a better centerfielder than Pence.  If we continue to see Pence in center when the Express start their regular season, it will convince me that Burke is on a rather short leash.

And Conrad, not Pence, in the four hole for Round Rock.  Think about that for a little bit.

Didn't know that the organization had re-acquired Todd Self.  Always liked his plate discipline, if not his meager power.  Good luck, Todd.

Oh, and nearly forgot:  happy birthday, Eric Bruntlett.