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rastronomicals at The Big League Baseball Report

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The reason why I had to split last night's Yankees extravaganza so early was that somebody had actually asked to interview me.

Joe Aiello, who runs a Cubs* blog at the View From the Bleachers, also does a podcast called The Big League Baseball Report.  It's available by subscription from iTunes and everything.  

Anyway, he had asked me whether as part of his preseason previews, I might like to be interviewed about the state of the Astros, and I said alright.  

The piece is up and posted, although I'll admit that I haven't listened to it.  Joe tells me there were simply too many "umms" on my part to edit completely away, so I'm kind of scared to listen.

However, the show does exemplify my very moderate expectations for the 2007 Astros, how worried I am about starting pitching after Roy and Jason, and how very little faith I appear to have in Brad Lidge.

If someone wanted to listen to it and let me know how it turned out, that'd be great. . . .


* suck.