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Split Squad vs. Tigers at Lakeland 12:05 CDT LOSS

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The club's first winning spring training since 2003 concludes its Florida portion this afternoon as a squad consisting primarilly of Corpus Christi Hooks travels to Lakeland to face the Tigers.  Fernando Nieve, so sensational in his last outing with four perfect innings vs. the Mets, will start again for Houston.  Matt Albers is expected to follow.

Later tonight, in Round Rock, Texas,  the major league team that has already returned to Texas will take on the Express.  Jason Jennings will toe the slab for Houston, while Chance Douglass starts for Round Rock.  Trever Miller and Brad Lidge will follow Jennings.

Those who still pine for Hunter Pence will be delighted, as our most exciting prospect will be starting in the Express outfield. And those who follow the team's minor league system should be happy as well, as today offers both a sneak preview at the rosters our high minor affiliates will be fielding this year, and a chance to see what those players can do under a semi-bright spotlight.