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vs. Yankees at Tampa 6:15 CDT WIN

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There was some noise for awhile that Andy Pettitte might actually start this game for New York, but it looks like someone named "Darrell Rasner" will get the nod instead.

Pettitte appears to be otherwise occupied, battling a back ailment of some sort, and when the good news is that your number two starter threw 25 pitches off the mound without pain one week before Opening Day, it usually suggests more bad news in the offing.

Houston will go with Brian Moehler.

Great. Instead of rooting against a Yankees pitcher, I'll be rooting against one for the Astros.

Nieve was so dominant against the Mets Sunday, it was almost as if he ended then and there the race for the fifth starters' job. But I suppose the competition is still open, and for that reason, I'll be looking for the Bombers to pick up a few early runs. We'll just need to make sure Q's around to win it late.