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vs. Braves at OCS 12:05 CDT LOSS

Woody Williams looks to sweeten the sour taste he has put in our mouths this afternoon as he is slated to make his first start since getting shellacked by the Devil Rays last Wednesday for nine runs over four+ innings.  

The people who dole out such things have made it known that Dave Borkowski and Chad Qualls should make appearances after Williams has had his time.

Starting for the Braves will be Lance Cormier.

This will also be the second-to-last home game of the spring, as Cleveland comes in tomorrow before half the team splits for Texas on Thursday.

Seeing Lastings Milledge drop to the ground writhing in pain yesterday after getting hit by a Matt Albers pitch in the ninth inning of a blowout made me realize how successful a Spring it's been:  aside from Hector Gimenez, there have been no serious injuries at all.   And I think even Hector's injury was sustained in Winter Ball.

The 14 - 9 record, the winning spring now almost guaranteed, is nice, but ultimately meaningless.

Sure, it'd have been nice to have seen a little more separation in results from contestants for the fourth and fifth slots, and I really wish Everett had hit (I think it was important for him).

But paramount is that the team going back to Texas will be healthy.

Knock on wood.