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vs. Tigers Split Squad at OCS 12:05 CDT LOSS

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Jason Jennings--who has had himself a spring with somewhat mixed results--makes his fourth start today vs. the Detroit Tigers.

Jennings comes in at 1 - 1 with a 5.00 ERA over nine innings pitched, and while we won't suggest that a low innings total or indeed a high ERA means all that much, we're also still waiting for Jennings to start unleashing the sinker that's made him millions.

Jason has a 1:1 flyball/groundball ratio this spring, which doesn't mean he's turned into Woody Williams or anything, but is still well shy of his career 1.50.  Or you might compare Chad Qualls. Chadley's  got a spring ERA at 5.40 that looks like JJ's, sure,  but he's also got a GO/AO of 2.67, which suggests that things are gonna be just fine for him.

Matt Albers, Trever Miller, and the previously mentioned Qualls are slated to follow JJ.  

Chad Durbin starts for the Tigers, to be followed by Zach Miner and LHP Felix Heredia.