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vs. Indians at Winter Haven 6:05 CDT WIN

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I had this whole long angry rant written where I called Bud Selig "fork-tongued" and Major League Baseball "fascistic in most senses of the word" because of the news that they had banned Craig Biggio from wearing that big yellow Sunshine Kids button on his cap.

Then I accidentally hit the space bar with my elbow while reaching for my Dr. Pepper, and poof! the entire polemic disappeared into whatever cyberspheric maw normally handles such things.

 No great loss, I'm sure.  I certainly wasn't saying anything we don't all know:  Craig Biggio and his non-profit are doing good work with those kids, and major league baseball is capable of stupefyingly ignorant behavior.

I really don't need to hurl 1000 words in your direction so you'll know.  It's often patently obvious.

* * *

If you're sick of the recent bad pitching from our starters, hopefully tonight Roy Oz will have the cure for what ails ya.

Oswalt was phenomenal for five innings last time out vs. Toronto, and knowing him, has vowed to make it six phenomenal tonight.  

And Lord do we need it.  Nothing against Zeke or Rick White or Trever Miller or Dan Wheeler or even Chad Qualls, who have pitched well after the debacles turned in by our first two pitchers each of the last two nights, but it's gotten so bad that  Garner can't even tell how poorly Moehler pitched last night:

It didn't look to me like Moehler made that bad of pitches. They just whacked a few of them.

Tortured syntax aside, what game was Scrap Iron watching? Unless, he's got trouble telling his non-roster invitees apart, and the dominant inning turned in by Rick White is coloring his view, I'm just not sure.

Set to follow Mr. Oswalt are Misters Lidge, Wheeler, and Miller. Wheeler is a rock of the franchise, admit it, and Miller has been great since last May, but it will be Lidge's inning that I will be most looking forward to tonight.

I've realized that Lidge is like a stock car race. If everything goes down in orderly fashion, well then, you've still enjoyed yourself watching everything move around in controlled arcs so goshdarned fast. But if things don't go so well, if there's a crash, then it could get really spectacular. Lidge was a little bit better than OK last time out, gave up a hit in a scoreless frame. Did I find that disappointing in some sort of sick and depraved way? I can't wait to find out what he'll do tonight.

Maybe the fact that the Red Sox rumors are dead, dead, dead with Papelbon as the closer will help settle him down.