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Wandy Haters Wearing Black This Morning

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Only yesterday, littlevisigoth wondered publicly whether the supposed competition for backup catcher was ever a competition at all.

Now with club revealing through Brian McTaggart's story that Wandy Rodriguez will in fact be given the fourth starter's job, I have to wonder whether that was ever a race, either.

I thought--and still think--that a lefty in the rotation is a good idea, and I also think that Wandy has the tools to find success.  But I also think that the club has made a liar out of Alyson Footer when she wrote back in January that Wandy would not

. . . just be handed a starting job. He'll have to have a good spring showing, too. A 9-10 record and 5.64 ERA a year ago can only get you so far, after all.
Well, umm, it does appear that the former Señor Cabreja IS being handed the job, because Rodriguez' spring numbers are among the worst posted by anyone with a realistic shot of breaking camp with the team.  

Among those still in camp, only Chad Qualls and Brad Lidge have a worse ERA than Rodriguez.  Only Qualls and Lidge have a worse WHIP, and only Lidge has a worse OPS against than what Wandy has posted.

I'm OK with Rodriguez as fourth starter for reasons having to do with  handedness and experience, even a little bit for reasons having to do with talent.  And also, by the way, for the same reason that I don't feel Hunter Pence should make the team:  because Spring Training is too small a sample to base important decisions on, anyway.  

But if there had ever truly been a race for fourth starter, Wandy would be with the minor league camp by now.

He's being handed the fourth starter's job; he sure as hell didn't earn it.