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Vs. Tampa Bay at OCS 6:05 CDT LOSS

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What with all his work vs. minor league squads on the back fields at Kissimmee, Woody Williams will be making only his third start of the spring tonight against the Devil Rays, who counter with James Shields.

Shields will be followed for the D-Rays by Brian Stokes, Seth McClung, and Jeff Ridgway. No word as of yet who might follow Mr. Williams.

TV game, alright!  JD and Brownie, even better!  Those guys just kick ass, no way around it.

In other news, the Astros did the inevitable and sent Hunter Pence to Round Rock this afternoon. He will be back.

Also interesting some of the news out of the AL East, where The Boston Red Sox placed Mike Timlin on the DL today. You keep hearing that the Astros have no interest in trading Lidge to anyone, including the Red Sox, yet the hole in Boston's bullpen remains gaping. And now that hole is even bigger. Obviously I'm not privy to the phone calls T-Purp is getting from Epstein, but I would hope that Purpura is smart enough to recognize desperation when he hears it.

Also, and I won't pretend I don't find this story satisfying, back spasms will likely keep Andy Pettitte from making his next scheduled spring start.