Wandy's Date of Demotion

Now that the team has confirmed that Wandy Rodriguez will be a member of the season-opening rotation, Stros Bro has suggested that we might inaugurate a contest in which we each try to guess the date of Wandy's demotion to Round Rock (or his outright release--same difference).

I'll come up with a suitable baseball card to use as a prize and will name it at a later date. It won't be extraordinarily valuable, but it will be worth ten bucks or so, I'm sure.

I'll also go ahead and get the ball rolling by guessing that there will be no demotion date for Wandy, that he'll last the entire year and win 15 games.

But I'm sure most of you will disagree, and I invite you to post your best guess at the date of Wandy's farewell party, as well as the sharpest anti-Wandy invective you can muster.  

If a tiebreaker should be needed, let's go ahead and make that Wandy's WHIP for the year.  I'll go with 1.44 on that one.