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5 more cut yesterday (no, one of them is not Hunter Pence).  The list includes Miguel Asencio, Paul Estrada, Brooks Conrad, Scott Sauerbeck and Lou Santangelo. Not a really big deal(not even really a small deal).  None of those five were really expected to have a chance of making the club (well maybe[and that's a stretch] Asencio).  

On the brighter side of things, Jason Lane is doing pretty well so far.  His BA could be a little higher, but he's leading the team with 5 home runs(including the 2 the other day against the fish) while still batting a decent .279.  Is it enough to keep him on the team for opening day?  Maybe not, but it's at least a start.  Pence is still slumping with his now sub .600 batting average hovering at the .571 mark and his two homers.  Still curious to see how long he last in the big club...  I still think he'll probably start out in Round Rock... but I wouldn't be incredibly surprised if he did somehow get a spot with the Astros.  The next couple weeks should be intereisting.

Chris Burke and Adam Everett are still slumping like hell...  Between the two they are a massive 12 for 75 with 7 RBI's.  What to do with these two little weaklings?  I never expected Burke to do so poorly this spring.  Everett doesn't really surprise me, but Burke does.  I figured the confidence of having a starting position secured would be enough to boost his confidence and maybe even his batting average.  Maybe he's just having a bad few weeks.. ya that's it.  

If you didn't notice, opening day is less than 2 weeks away!  Whoo hoo!  

Astros are off today, but play again Wednesday, Thursday and Friday against the Rays, Nationals and Injuns all at 6:05 pm.