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vs. Blue Jays 12:05 CDT at OCS WIN

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Roy Oswalt starts today vs. AJ Burnett, and man, what a contrast.  They both have nasty stuff, but one of these guys is the real deal, and the other has just been treated as if he is.  

Nothing against nipple rings and tattoos and punk rock*, but sometimes you just need to sit down and decide you're going to put forth the effort to be the best.

Roy has done this, clearly.  AJ Burnett, not so much.

Anyway, maybe Roy goes five today.  Sauerbeck and White and Wheeler to follow.  Maybe Asencio and Astacio pitch if Roy leaves early because of a high pitch count.

I'd thought I was going to be kept away from my computer and Astros baseball by another appointment, but I just got a cancellation, and now I will be pleased as punch to do PBP today.

Enjoy your Sunday, and Go Astros.

* In fact, I'm all for the punk rock part of it, anyway.