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vs. Yankees at OCS 12:05 CDT WIN

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No tickets available, not even standing room, so don't ask.

Woody Williams finally makes his second start this afternoon, and it will come against Chien-Ming Wang and the other agents of the Evil Empire.

If you hadn't caught it, Troy Patton, our top lefthanded pitching prospect, was sent to minor league camp after yesterday's game. Again, no surprise here, and Phil Garner had kind words for Patton, even after he gave up three hits, but slithered away without giving up a run in his last inning of work against the Marlins yesterday.

Garner was less kind to Wandy and Fernando and Bradley, saying bluntly, "we didn't throw the ball well."

I'll be even more blunt: no-one threw strikes for shit.

Hard to tell where yesterday's events leave us as we attempt to anticipate which peg will be placed where in the pegboard that will represent our staff hierarchy. Given what Garner has said about needing to beef up the bullpen in anticipation of shorter starts this year, do we even know that the "winner" of the competition gets fourth slot? Or that the runner-up gets fifth?

Those who support Chris Sampson--like me--are happy with the way he looks right now vis-a-vis his competition. Those who view Brian Moehler with distrust and suspicion--like me--are very unhappy in that regard.

But I'm not sure that you can say Moehler's in line for the fourth spot, and that Sampson is in line for the fifth.

It's the way I'd bet right now, though, if I had to bet.