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vs. Marlins at OCS 12:05 CDT LOSS

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Wandy Time all over again as our favorite lefthanded starting candidate* takes the hill looking to continue his disasterless spring.  Señor English will be followed by Nieve, Lidge, and Patton.

Ricky Nolasco starts for the Fish.

Juan Gutierrez and Cody Ransom were sent out this morning, Gutierrez to Round Rock, Ransom to minor league camp. Gutierrez had a 9.00 ERA, and Ransom a .526 OPS.  Not that either had a legitimate chance anyway, although I suppose both could make appearances for Houston at some point this year.  

Gutierrez was optioned the day after he and other members of Corpus Christi's 2006 squad currently in Florida received their 2006 Texas League championship rings.


* OK, our ONLY lefthanded starting candidate