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vs. Braves at OCS 12:05 CDT WIN

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Back to Spring Training the way it was meant to be played:  while I'm at work.*

Jason Jennings makes his third start, and second against the Braves today.  For what little it's worth, JJ's first start was against Atlanta as well, and it went absolutely swimmingly, two scoreless.

He then left some balls up in the zone vs. the Nationals in his second start, with predictable effects on his Spring ERA.

So hopefully we'll see the crisper, cleaner, more efficient Jason today, the one with the relentless sinker, producing ground ball after ground ball.

Following JJ will be Zeke Astacio and Poh-ool Estrada, and starting for the hated Braves will be Chuck James.


*Never get tired of that one, wish I could use it more often.