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Manager's Decision

So now Jimy Willliams "made a regular out of Ensberg."

I certainly don't hold a grudge, and anyway, the dartboard with Jimy's face on it is long since worn out.  So more power to him.  

Williams has a new job with the Phillies?  Great.  He's still friendly with Astros players, including Ensberg?  Even better.

But, please, let's not let allow our desire to be just friends devolve into revisionism.

While managing the Astros, Jimy Williams thought either of two things about Morgan Ensberg:  1) that he belonged at AAA New Orleans, or 2) that he belonged in a lefty/righty platoon with Geoff Blum or Mike Lamb.

Ensberg didn't become an everyday player under Williams, he became an everyday player DESPITE him.  

In 2002, Morgan was sent to Round Rock in May, and was unfairly scapegoated for the team's offensive struggles at the time.  I would imagine Hunsicker had something to do with this, as well, but I think we can safely assume Williams made no lengthy speeches on Morgan's behalf.

And in 2003, Williams cut into Ensberg's rightful playing time by platooning him with Geoff Blum.  Ensberg's line on the year?  .291/.377/.530.  Blum's?  .262/.295/.379.  The platoon split is worth something, sure, but Williams' thickheadedness here not only hurt Ensberg, it hurt the Astros (we finished a game back of the Cubs).

In 2004, I think an edict came down, but Williams still spent the first half threatening to install the platoon with Lamb, and had Drayton unwisely decided to withhold the ax at the All-Star break, I have no doubt that platoon would have gone into effect first thing after the break.

But hey, like I said, no hard feelings.  What's over is over.  Sure, Williams' performance pales next to that of both his predecessor and his successor.  And sure, that's not even an accident.  But on the other hand, he was a hell of a lot better at his job than, say, Terry Collins.

He said some funny things, though "Manager's decision" was not one of them.  And there was nothing he did that couldn't be fixed by your garden-variety  36 - 10 run down the stretch.

So no harm, no foul.  

But let's try to stick to the facts here.  Jimy Williams did NOT make a regular out of Morgan Ensberg; in fact. he did his best to make him the exact opposite.