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Hunter Pence Slumping

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Yes it's true... he's slumping. I'm sure it's hard for him to take too... I mean his batting average is under .700 now and bordering the .600 mark. I'm not really sure how he can live with himself. Only 14 hits out of 22 at bats... pathetic.

Word is that Pence is still going to be sent down when the time comes and that Burke is guaranteed the starting spot (heard it from Timmy P on the radio). Tim basically said that he couldn't live with himself if he didn't give Chris the starting job. Oh well. . . I can't fault him for it. . . I am a big Burke fan. But I do still think that there is a player on the team that is expendable that is basically guaranteed a spot on the roster. Sorry to say it, but it's Orlando Palmeiro. I like Orlando and think he did well last year (especially during the run at the end of the season where he had multiple crucial hits), but he is a bench player and a pinch hitter. That is all.

He doesn't have power and he's not an RBI guy. He's a singles guy who very seldom misses when he swings. I mean he was only a .252 hitter last year. I know he has a contract for this year, but I'd still rather eat the money on his contract and give Pence a chance than to not give Pence the chance. I know Pence needs to play... but I think the Astros could give him some playing time... at least in a pinch hitting role.

On a lighter note The Astros get to go to Disney World today and they have their ace Roy Oswalt taking the hill against the Braves' who send Tim Hudson. The game starts at 6:05 p.m.